Faces of Crews

See the many faces of the Crews’n Healthmobile.

4 thoughts on “Faces of Crews

  • I am a nurse at PCH. I was brought to tears reading your website this morning and watching the pictures forced me to cry. I find myself, daily, so very proud of PCH and what we do for our community. BRAVO! to the faces of Crews’N and to the children and families who survive despite poverty and tradgic circumstances!

  • Dr. Randy, I just finished reading your book. I worked for TD#3 special needs dept for 11 years. The homeless social worker was always so busy. We cried at times together at the stories she held inside her self and suddenly spilled out. I thank you for all you do and realize these childen will need you more than ever with the state of our health care. It seems Thank you is not enough. God bless you, your family and your crew.

    • Thanks so much for finding the website. We absolutely love our jobs and couldn’t do anything else. Telling the story is so important!

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