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For email try this: Dr Randy


For mail or donations you can send them here:

Ask Me Why I Hurt Fund
8050 N. 19th Ave. #484
Phoenix, AZ 85021


If you need to call us:
(602) 331-0115


For information on volunteering for the Crews’n Healthmobile:

Our site is at or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Wendy Speck


If you just want to drop a note, please feel free to share it below!

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Hello, My name is Vallerie Gardner RN. I have 20 years experience in pediatrics, post-partum, newborn nsy., and have floated to ER., PICU, NICU.
    I don’t have any monies to donate, but I can donate my time, talents, expertise, and skills to assist you. I’ve saved young loves.
    I am mother of 5 productive girls and 9 grandkids. Kids are what I do, happlily and knowledgeably.

    fill free to call me, love to help.


  • Hey Randy, so now I know what you do in your spare time! I know how important you are for the kids you serve. I was a Juvenile Probation Officer for 10 yrs ( good practice for working with Jonathan!) in LA working with these same kids, wish they had had a “you”. I look forward to reading your book. Thanks for sharing your story and for all of you and what you all do.

    Chiricahua Community Health Centers Inc

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