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About “Dr. Randy”

Dr. Randy Christensen is a staff physician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Medical Director of the Crews’n Healthmobile – a 38-foot RV turned into a mobile medical unit.

Since 2000, Dr. Christensen has provided free medical care to homeless youth in central Arizona by taking care to them – on the streets. “It’s never been about the money. I went to medical school thinking that I was going to be a surgeon, but everything that made me stop and think had to do with children and adolescents. I chose to come out on the streets,” Christensen told CNN in 2008.

“From very early on, my mom and dad instilled this belief that we were responsible for our fellow humans and make our community a better place,” Randy noted in a recent interview. “I love the population that is out in the street and living in shelters.”

Dr. Christensen has been the recipient of a number of awards for his work, including the CNN Heroes award, People Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us” and being named one of the “The Valley’s Ten Most Fascinating People of 2008” by the Arizona Republic.

Most of all, he treasures the kids he serves, his wife, Amy and their three children.

Meet the Christensens.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Christensen

  • Dear Dr. Randy,
    I just finished reading Ask Me Why I Hurt – and I have, what I think may be a good idea, how about making those bracelets and selling them on this website as a way to make some additional money. (T-shirts and sweatshirts too!) People would ask and when folks answered: “I hurt for the homeless children and teens…” who knows what doors that might open?
    I’ve just taken a break (due to personal financial difficulties) from the soup kitchens that I’ve worked at once a week for the last few years. I’ve had a dream of helping the homeless in a way more helpful than just feeding them once a week. I loved reading about the help they are offered at the van and at umom. I’ve often thought of buying a house through donations and setting it up for homeless young people, or women – because I have heard the shelters are extremely dangerous.
    I would need to learn about grants and the logistics of doing something along those lines.
    Your book was super! Your wife is an angel!! The work you, Jan, Wendy and everyone else does is incredible and inspiring. The woman known as Sugar, Donald and Pastor and Mrs. Richardson, Lisa, Nizhoni, Mary, Matthew, and Becca/Nicole and all of the others who have made their ways into your life and book are extraordinary, courageous, strong, awe inspiring people who could very well be a call to arms to millions! I would love the idea of sweet, helpless, Becca being the force in changing legislation for the emotionally disturbed to get the help they need!
    Good luck in the future.

    Very truly yours,

    Chris Campbell

  • Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to post. We all love our jobs and feel good about the progress we are making. I hope you can continue to volunteer in your community because I know they appreciate it! We are indeed making some bracelets and are doing some “test” sales at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. If things go well I will put up a link for everyone to see.

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