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Meet the Christensens

What does a man who cares for so many homeless teens do when he gets home? Join the love of his life in raising a family, of course!

But it gets better. Amy Christensen, M.D. is a pediatrician too, equally dedicated to the young patients she treats in her clinic. Together, they are shaping futures by providing a healthy running start for the children who will define Arizona’s future.

Now married 12 years, they are grateful parents to twins Janie and Reed, age 9, and Charlotte, age 7.

Here’s a peek into Christensen family life, courtesy of ParentDish:

Randy involves his three kids with his work when he can, sharing in the success stories while shielding them from the stories that are “ungodly horrible.”

“They are very involved and are excited to help out and be part of Daddy’s work,” he explains. “One of the ways I stay connected is keeping them involved. They very much like that.”

Interviewed shortly after returning from a camping trip he took with his three children while his wife visited a relative, his advice for parents stresses what he tries to do: “No matter how crazy stuff gets, you have to schedule time with the family.”

Randy makes an effort to drop off or pick up his kids from school and keep their special events on his schedule. Every couple of weeks, he’ll bring his children for an early-morning cinnamon roll before school starts. He’s even the kind of husband who books date nights with his wife.

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