Scenes in Photos

Wondering what Ginger really looks like? Do you want to see Reed’s first fish, or Dr. Randy’s trip to Louisiana?

Check out the real images!

These photos are described in the book:

Photos from Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina:

2 thoughts on “Scenes in Photos

  • I just finished the book and am so glad this website is out here so I can see you wonderful people I just read about. I must say that I, probably with plenty of other people, am just shocked as to the need for these poor children. My parents now live in Arizona and every time I visit them I won’t be able to help myself from thinking about this problem. I am so grateful to you – Dr. Christensen – and all of the caring, superhuman people on your staff that help these children. Without you I don’t want to know what would happen. It brings me to wondering if my state of Wisconsin has the same problem…… Again, thank you so much for what you are doing. I loved the book!

  • Thanks Mari Jo for reading and thanks for the post! Glad you liked the pictures! I have been tweeting some of the pics lately so that people can see how everyone is growing!

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